Monday, February 13, 2012

The Transformation From Man Into Monster (X2)

The Tuscaloosa News, March 28, 1969

I was searching for any kind of mention of the late Don Briscoe and the few that I have found so far concern Alex Stevens being the werewolf version of Chris Jennings. Which I suppose is appropriate since the characters were in-exchangeable for the most part but seeing as there is scant literature about Briscoe after he quit the show and became a recluse it's reasonable to expect that he wasn't seeking attention before that happened either.

This is hardly an article as much as it is a quick mention for the sake of featuring DS in the paper. I won't complain! Here's also a similar blurb pictorial on Barnabas's transformation into the super old version of himself after the botched Dr. Hoffman experiment:

from The Milwaukee Journal, September 16, 1970
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