Monday, February 20, 2012

"Barnabas" Is A Bloody Matinee Idol Now

from The Titusville Herald, July 1, 1968
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This is another run-of-the-mill one-off Barnabas pieces which mentions him being a gentlemanly classical Yale stage actor bachelor who makes the women go wild type of article. Not that I mind considering that the fan mail quotes that get mentioned are always hilariously sad. I think I'll start listing them as I post the articles.

"There is no escape from the burning light you create. In simple words, you could bite ME anytime, for I would not be able to resist your fatal charms!"  -- a Carmichael, CA woman

"He gets me so excited, I could smoke a pack of cigarettes just watching him. I just sit there drooling over you."  -- a 15 year old New York girl

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