Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dark Shadows Stuffed Heads

from The Milwaukee Journal, October 22, 1969

I was just thinking today that there should be a Barnabas Collins Pillow Pet for all the goth girls of the world who just can't get enough of sensitive vampire and then I remembered that I saw this Penneys advert in a previous DS newspaper search and dug it up. The description doesn't really give any information about these stuffed head but I'm guessing that they were cheap versions of mini pillows though $2.99 in 1969 would be a pretty steep price for what we'd term dollar store junk. They were before my time so any further information will be left up to somebody who owned one or perhaps still does through careful preservation.

Apparently the image is too tall to be increased in size so you're stuck with a chop above and the original below.

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