Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'Dark Shadows' Is Far From Dead In The Hearts Of Many Devoted Fans

from The Aiken Standard, July 12, 1987 
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This is obviously multiple articles bunched together in a DS revival format. The first piece deals with two fans from the Aiken, South Carolina area, Emiel Berrie, who coordinated several DS original music albums and Deirdre Tice, a collector of memorabilia from the show, who were childhood friends, classmates and DS obsessed.

During the show's run Berrie actually corresponded and met up with the show's musical director, composer Robert Corbert, later handling the musical score distribution aspect of the maestro's business and compiled several volumes of additional soundtrack music by Corbert for album releases, having sifted through nearly 400 compositions.

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The second article deals with the then new DS book by Kathryn Leigh Scott entitled, "My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows", a photographic memoir with many candid personal photos from the author's collection.

The next segment deals with the DS Festival, cable television syndication, a memorabilia auction for charity and the alumni attendees at the reunions.

The last part is a rundown of what the remaining stars of the show were occupying themselves with at the time. For the anointed ones there isn't much new here but it's still a fun read and a pleasant find for a print junky.

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