Monday, January 16, 2012

Tricia Nixon Entertains 250 Children In Halloween Fete

from Jet Magazine, November 20, 1969

You'd probably never guess that Jonathan Frid's and Richard Nixon's paths ever crossed but apparently they did during Halloween of 1969. And at the White House of all places. To boot, that the mention would be in a publication geared towards "African-American" culture was kind of surprising. I guess with the show's popularity it must have crossed into all demographics.

At the event Barnabas entertained children with his fangs protruding and by biting apples off a string! How cool is that? Even though the kids look kind of suspicious of the not-so-realistic-looking witches cauldron and the clownish witch, I'm sure they had fun. Ah- who cares if they did or not because I was giddy enough for ten kids when I found this article!

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