Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dark Shadows To Premiere

from The Herald-Mail, June 25, 1966
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This is the earliest clipping that I've come across and it's not the greatest advertisement for what the series had in store! Of course nobody knew what was really in the works for the show and if not for the arrival of Barnabas it might not have lasted out the year. At the time of the printing only Mitchell Ryan, Joan Bennett, Alexandra Moltke had guaranteed recurring roles or so the article seems to suggest. Collinwood was also being billed as Collins House which might be a result of journalistic laziness or suggests that the show was a rough work in progress.

As much as people want to slam the show for its fantastical plot lines, I thought that the first episodes were actually quite good. Of course I had the foresight of knowing what was to come whereas the audience at the time took it for what it was so that might have prejudiced my expectations just a bit.

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