Monday, January 2, 2012

Joan Bennett -- Shining Star Who Lightens 'Dark Shadows'

from The Salt Lake Tribune, July 28, 1968
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For all the same reasons that I like Dark Shadows -- over-acting, ridiculous dialogue, staid mannerisms -- I detest old movies. Which would lend to the reason why I never heard of Joan Bennett before seeing her in "Dark Shadows." If not for the supernatural element to the show I probably never would have either. Which would have been a shame because she's not only a great actress but a MILF-GILF to boot!

I'm glad this article brings up the incident where her husband Walter Wanger shot her agent Jennings Lang because I had come across that story while researching Hollywood murders and didn't put the two together before now.

As for her lightening up the mood on DS: What? She was as grave and somber as the rest of the non-supernatural characters! Which is why I liked her and Roger so much. The damned Debbie-downers that they were.

Another thing of note here is that show was apparently running at 8AM in Salt Lake City at the time of this printing. I've read some places where it was showing as late as 11PM so it's amazing that the show ever caught on with the allotted time slots. It also lends to the fact that more than just giddy school-age children were watching the show and catapulting it to stardom. Mom must have been peeking in as well and not admitting to it.

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