Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mothers And Kids Love The Vampire

The Tuscaloosa News, August 4, 1968
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When Jonathan Frid joined the cast of DS in April of 1967 nobody could have foreseen that the struggling Gothic drama would burgeon into the number one daytime program and remain a cult favorite nearly fifty years later. The audience jumped 62% as fan letters poured in at a rate of nearly 1,000 per day with the great majority aimed at Barnabas Collins. The popularity of the show also spawned a merchandise buying frenzy with board games, masks, puzzles and comic books among others being consumed like candy by grade school kids. That wasn't the entire picture of the viewing audience though as women also flocked to the melodrama for the buttoned down and erotic romantic underpinnings of the lovelorn vampire's travails.

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