Monday, July 2, 2012

Despite Low Ratings, 'Shadows' A Cult Hit

The Times Daily, March 26, 1991

I could have sworn that I already posted this article by Deborah Hastings but I can't track it down through the search function on here so I guess I didn't. It deals with the cult following the show retained up until the time of the second incarnation with the ill-received Ben Cross led series on NBC. A revival which included no original cast members and was often pre-empted by the Gulf War crisis.

While the fans were disappointed with the cancellation of both series Jonathan Frid had no interest in reviving his place in the enterprise. In a 1991 interview with People magazine he said he didn't understand the mystique of the show and quipped that he "always thought I looked like this damn silly ass" while playing the part of Barnabas. Brilliant.

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